SQL Server Replication – Recovering from a Network Outage

In continuing my on-going issues with SQL Server replication the past couple of weeks, we had a data center outage on Monday, which resulted in a forced failover to our DR data center.  Our MySQL database applications successfully failed over and required no followup.  We did run into 1 peer-to-peer row conflict, which I was able to address, similar to the issue late last week I documented here.

Things looked to be  running along fine, and I could see that my DR database was up to date with my production database.  My monitoring system was showing some undistributed transactions, but nothing that seemed too outrageous.  But I was continuing to get a few Network error notifications, which lead me to look at the SQL Server Replication Monitor.  Everything was green, but my undistributed transactions were showing well over an hour.

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SQL Server Peer-to-Peer Replication – When a Conflict is Detected

Yesterday we hit the dreaded conflict in our production/DR SQL peer-to-peer replication setup.  My first reaction is usually “oh <expletive>, we’re going to need to rebuild replication”, but we happened to have the best possible scenario where we had an update-update conflict.

I’d like to note that I personally hate working with SQL Server peer-to-peer replication (we’re running SQL 2008 R2 version), and it looks like some of the limitations of the solution are still an issue in SQL 2012.

  • We have to quiesce (i.e. stop the application) in order to add new articles (tables, views etc), to the replication topology.  Big pain + off hours work.
  • Plus, unlike with MySQL replication when setup in multi-master, I can’t just not log my correction statements so they don’t replicate back.
  • This is why I’m excited for the Always On Availability groups in SQL 2012/2014, with a multi-subnet setup.  I’m still evaluating our environment options but this helps address some of the limitations in our peer-to-peer replication environment.

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